You're viewing Simplistic: Version Two! This is a new version of my seventh theme available for free use!

This theme was fully coded by Jyuubi and is available on the theme blog Manatopia.

Please read this before asking me questions!

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how to hover →

Here is a small tutorial how to work the hover sidebar. It’s really not that difficult. I gave you the options to control where you can hide the hover and how far it’ll extend out, so you don’t need to be limited to the size of your image or description.

These are your description options:

As you can see, hide description is a negative number: -120
While show description is a positive, the same as the negative: 120

This is how it should look. You’ll find that whatever you make the “hide description”, is what you’ll have to make the “show description”, but as a positive number.

Depending on the size of your image (and description), you will need to adjust these numbers to fit your needs.


If you find it takes the number -200 to HIDE your description, it will more than likely take 200 to SHOW your description.

Read this if you don’t know what customize options are.

get the code

The code is available in the Theme Garden!

How to install:

  • go to the theme page
  • choose your blog and click “install theme”
  • go to your blog and choose “customize theme”

theme features

Upon other things, here are the main customize features:

  • infinite scrolling option
  • show/hide post wrap option
  • 400/500px option
  • show/hide captions option
  • photo fading option
  • show/hide high res link option
  • show/hide tags option
  • show/hide reblog link option
  • show/hide submit link option
  • drop-down description option
  • 6 custom links

#07 Simplistic (v.2) theme

Theme Basics

NAME Simplistic
NUMBER #7 — Version 2
CUSTOMIZE Yes/41 options

Theme Credits

BACKGROUND Royal Red from DinPattern
SIDEBAR unknown